Writing My First Song

It is difficult to write a song as you need life experience, right amount of inspiration and a moment to reflect about life. Cry Out In My Heart was my very first song I wrote during my college time.


How To Get Verified on Facebook



The Power of Blue Badge  

Getting verified on Facebook is harder than you think. When you get verified you can get the potential of high ranking on their platform. You cannot buy a blue badge so never engage with anyone…

Twitter is stepping up the game

Twitter is Booming!


A lot of people missing out the power of Twitter in fact if you use it right this can be a life changing to your business and to any niche you are currently in. 

Here are some…



Be Creative

When writing a song, think of it as your journey in life. Just as like when you are talking to a friend. However it can be a difficult task as it requires creativity. Whether this is relating to…