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Finding the Right Ingredients: My Journey of Writing and Recording My First Song 

Composing a song requires a combination of life experience, inspiration, and reflection on one's journey. During my college years, I wrote my very first song entitled "Cry Out In My Heart." It was a challenging process, but a fulfilling one nonetheless.

Initially, I recorded the song using Audacity, a Windows-based software. Directly recording the microphone into the PC proved to be a daunting task, and the result was not as professional as I had hoped. At the time, I was inexperienced and unaware of the recording process.

I utilized a basic economy-priced microphone provided by my father, which I had previously used for singing at home. The microphone resembled those used for amplifying sound from drums.

Despite the initial difficulties, I am sharing my experience to emphasize the importance of experimenting with various techniques in order to achieve success. Perfecting one's craft takes time and effort, and it often requires repeated attempts to achieve the desired outcome.