Jonah Manzano is a gifted Australian-Filipino singer-songwriter and independent artist hailing from Sydney, New South Wales. His unique style combines elements of pop and gospel music, making his music relatable and appealing to a wide audience. His songs are often based on true stories of his relationships, disagreements and successes in life, which add an authentic touch to his compositions. 

Growing up in the Philippines, Jonah discovered his love for music at a young age. He began his musical journey by singing in a church choir at 8 years old, and later taught himself to play the piano using a makeshift instrument constructed from a pencil case. He then went on to learn a variety of other instruments, including bass guitar, drums, and flute, and honed his skills by performing at church events and local gigs. 

In 2002, Jonah and his family migrated to Sydney, Australia, where he pursued higher education and earned a degree in International Tourism & Operations Management. Despite his professional pursuits, he never abandoned his passion for music. In fact, during the pandemic, Jonah decided to pursue his music career as an independent artist, taking inspiration from his own life experiences. 

Jonah is known for his exceptional songwriting skills and his notable works include popular songs such as "I Stall," "Cry Out in My Heart," "The One Who Owns Your Heart," "Aking Mahal," "Story of Our Life," and "Marry You Again." His music is a reflection of his artistic vision, passion and dedication.

You & Me

You & Me


Echoes of Our Wishes


Special song dedication to my passing dad


I Say, You Say

Marry You Again


Story of Our Life

Filipino Song

Aking Mahal song by Jonah Manzano

Song by Jonah Manzano

Original song - I Stall