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Jonah Manzano is an Australian singer songwriter, cover musical artist from Sydney, New South Wales started his music career as an independent artist due to pandemic. Taking his inspiration from his own life experiences. He has taken this year to launch his music career. He defined his style as pop and gospel.

Jonah Manzano was born and raised in the Philippines (Pampanga). At the age of eight years old started singing in a church choir and progressively commenced doing some solo part. He started playing piano at the age of eight using his tiny pencil case built in with keys.

In high school life somewhere at the age between 12-13 years old he then started to learn the acoustic guitar with the help of his father who gave him a guitar but only realising some strings were missing, Jonah did not give up learning in spite of this. He then learnt more musical instruments (bass guitar, drums and flute) and pursued singing more in the church, some gigs, public schools. 

Jonah migrated in Sydney, Australia, in the year 2002 together with his parents and two siblings - Grace and Joshua. 
As life only started in another country, he decided to study International Tourism and Operations Management where he graduated, worked in tourism industry for almost 13 years. 
 Jonah loves to produce and compose songs then studied how to master becoming an audio engineer, attended the workshop at JMC Academy Sydney, read a lot of books on how to become an audio engineer himself!

Fast forward to 2020 he is currently living with his spouse Yzel Manzano (m. 2011) who won the first beauty pageant Hiyas in San Pedro, Laguna Philippines.

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28 FEB 2021

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