Jonah Manzano is an Australian-Filipino singer songwriter, cover musical artist from Sydney, New South Wales started his music career as an independent artist due to pandemic. Taking his inspiration from his own life experiences. He has taken this year to launch his music career. He defined his style as pop and gospel.

Jonah Manzano was born and raised in the Philippines (Pampanga). At the age of eight years old started singing in a church choir and progressively commenced doing some solo part. He started playing piano at the age of eight using his tiny pencil case built in with keys.

In high school life somewhere at the age between 12-13 years old he then started to learn the acoustic guitar with the help of his father who gave him a guitar but only realising some strings were missing, Jonah did not give up learning in spite of this. He then learnt more musical instruments (bass guitar, drums and flute) and pursued singing more in the church, some gigs, public schools. 

Jonah migrated in Sydney, Australia, in the year 2002 together with his parents and two siblings. 
As life only started in another country, he decided to study International Tourism and Operations Management where he graduated, worked in tourism industry for almost 13 years. 
 Jonah loves to produce and compose songs then studied how to master becoming an audio engineer, attended the workshop at JMC Academy Sydney, read a lot of books on how to become an audio engineer himself!

Fast forward to 2020 he is currently living with his spouse Yzel Manzano (m. 2011) who won the first beauty pageant Hiyas in San Pedro, Laguna Philippines.



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All About Us (Episode 3) 

I am with Yzel Manzano bringing up some mystery questions! Oh by the way my camera died! LOL what a timing aye.... 

With questions about romance, daily routines and life of your dreams. All About Us will help you and your partner discover more about yourselves and each other than you ever imagined possible!

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All About Us (Episode 2) 

I am with Yzel Manzano bringing up some mystery questions!

With questions about romance, daily routines and life of your dreams. All About Us will help you and your partner discover more about yourselves and each other than you ever imagined possible!

Whether you will it out together or separately or ask and answer questions aloud. This will discover you to deepen your relationship and once again, love is the answer

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All About Us 

With questions about romance, daily routines and life of your dreams. All About Us will help you and your partner discover more about yourselves and each other than you ever imagined possible!

Whether you will it out together or separately or ask and answer questions aloud. This will discover you to deepen your relationship and once again, love is the answer 

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Writing My First Song 

It is difficult to write a song as you need life experience, right amount of inspiration and a moment to reflect about life. Cry Out In My Heart was my very first song I wrote during my college time.

This song was recorded initially using software called Audacity on a windows platform. Could you imagine how difficult it was to record a direct mic into the PC? Well, it did not turn out that professional. I guess at the time I had no idea what I was doing and thinking that was it.

I had a microphone given by my dad which was a basic economy price mic. It was also a mic I used for singing at home. It kinda look like a mic they use for drums to amplify the sound.

Anyway I thought I would share this as we know when you experiment with a lot of stuff you get the right ingredients.

You can't make everything perfect in one shot, you have to try it over and over again.


How To Get Verified on Facebook 



The Power of Blue Badge


Getting verified on Facebook is harder than you think. When you get verified you can get the potential of high ranking on their platform. You cannot buy a blue badge so never engage with anyone trying to sell as this is a scam! 

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Twitter is stepping up the game 

Twitter is Booming!


A lot of people missing out the power of Twitter in fact if you use it right this can be a life changing to your business and to any niche you are currently in. 

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Twitter Blue - this is first rolled out in Australia and Canada only. I'm sure it's only a matter of time before they release this to everyone. So if you are in those countries, consider it as a reward. This feature is basically a monthly subscription and for now it's available on iOS devices only, sorry android users. What you actually get is the power of Undo, that's right if you make mistakes sending a tweet you have time to undo it but only up to 30seconds. They also have have the colour theme and to change twitter icon. I don't think this is useful at all but I guess to get your layout a bit more different than others. Even if you change your theme or colour icon, this is only visible to you. well that sucks! Next one is Reader Mode, which basically compress data into a more readable view get that? 

Monetisation - now this is the brand new one which is pretty much just monetised your Spaces where you can get paid for doing what you love. You can earn money for host gatherings and connect more deeply with your fans. You can also sell tickets by creating ticketed space so followers can purchase tickets. This is still in beta so some may have it or some not. You also have to meet the minimum requirements, well okay I can tell you more of this but what's the exciting part of it if all is reveal? Ok here it is. Have at least 1,000 followers, have hosted at least three spaces in the past 30days and be at least 18 years of age. 

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Be Creative

When writing a song, think of it as your journey in life. Just as like when you are talking to a friend. However it can be a difficult task as it requires creativity. Whether this is relating to your life experience, someone else's life or both.

When writing a song you can either write the words first then melody comes after. However this is a bit tricky as it requires you to get the right tempo, rhyme, music. When I compose my own song. Most of them were written with the music already been created.


Start with Basics

Once my teacher told me during my music lesson. Start with the basics. Yes! it sounds really boring. However, in any aspects of life whether it is learning how to drive to learning how to ride a bike. It is always believe that we learn from the basics. Can you imagine if your parents told you, you must walk now or run now. Baby steps! we learn slowly, and we grow from there.

In writing songs, it takes years of experience. When I say it like. I don't mean you have to get a degree to master it. Again, it's all about the experience. You have to start with the basics. 


No copying

I know what you're thinking, how can I get idea from writing a song if I don't at least copy some of it? Well! remember when your teacher asked you don't copy and paste from a website or from a book? Your teacher eventually found out that you did. You got in trouble and you wasted your time and effort, well!not form copying from checking the source.

I will tell you now that every person's story is unique, same goes with everyone's finger prints. You have unique story, You have unique life experience. Use that as your reference.


Ask for Feedback

Now you can't work by yourself and expect people to listen to your song, ask around. You can start with your family, friends. ask them what they think about you wrote. Don't get disappointed if you get some negative feedback. That is normal! Can you imagine if everyone here on earth will say good positive about you? Well! that's impossible. That is why it's called " Feedback" which means prepare for both, negative and positive. After you ask around, the decision is yours to make. It doesn't matter what they say, but in the end it's in your hands to express what you want to write.




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